About Ghost Ranch Steamboat

Nestled in a quaint mountain village with the perfect amount of modern upscale comfort and a touch of rustic charm is what makes Ghost Ranch so unique – and celebrations here so memorable. Combined with a rich and colorful history dating back to 1893, our venue offers a personality you won’t encounter anywhere else. With a 400-person capacity, Ghost Ranch is equipped to host a wide variety of events. We work with local caterers and provide entertainment options, making your planning process as smooth and easy as possible. The Ghost Ranch experience in Steamboat Springs offers a glimpse of the Wild West while providing all of today’s modern conveniences. Set in an idyllic Colorado ski town, Ghost Ranch is the quintessential place to host your wedding, event or ceremony. We take pride in providing an elegant western experience ideal for guests of all ages, and we would be honored to host your next celebration.


Ghost Ranch is a one of a kind venue that offers guests a “look in to the past” with its “old west” style. Ghost Ranch’s old world atmosphere makes for a great venue for those looking to host an event with a touch of rustic charm. From weddings, to birthday parties, to anniversary celebrations, Ghost Ranch is equipped to help you plan an event that will provide you and your guests with memories that will last for years to come.


The centerpiece of Ghost Ranch is the hand-carved back bar built in 1893 by Brunswick Balke Collender Company. Based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, Brunswick Balke Collender Company built three back bars of this large design in 1893. The bars are 24 feet in length and 12.5 feet tall and while similar in design, each bar features its own intricate carvings and shapes. Despite historic rumors that one of the three bars was destroyed in a fire, all three bars are still in existence today. The first bar is located at the Alpha Café in Wapakoneta, Ohio and is made of white oak. The second bar resides in Arizona and is made of fir, and the third and final back bar is made of mahogany.

The Ghost Ranch back bar is the mahogany bar that was originally thought to have been destroyed in the fire. This was the showcase back bar built by Brunswick Balke Collender Company in 1893 and was exhibited at the Chicago World’s Fair to demonstrate the type of product that Brunswick Balke Collender Company was creating for bars, saloons, and bordellos during that time in America’s history.

After its exhibition at the World’s Fair, the mahogany bar was sold and moved via wagon to the Missouri River, where it was then barged up the Missouri to the Yellowstone River, before finally reaching its new home in Miles City, Montana. The mahogany’s new home was a bordello located in the heart of Miles City and it remained there until a fire destroyed a large part of downtown. Even though many buildings were destroyed, the back bar was saved. It was again used in another historic saloon in Miles City for many years until another fire destroyed that building. The back bar was saved again and was placed into storage for 50 years before being brought to Ghost Ranch for all to see and enjoy.


Ghost Ranch Steamboat offers a variety of catering options through local catering companies. All options are able to fulfill your specific dining needs by providing high quality menu selections that create a unique gourmet experience specific to you.

All catering quotes are provided by each company. Please check out our catering options to best serve you.