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Rocktin Grove. $7.

Rocktin Grove's rising popularity can be attributed to their tightly knit

and highly energetic shows that keeps the audience dancing and focused

on the groove. During any given show, the seven musicians, six of whom

sing, use over fourteen different instruments to weave a unique and

powerful sound that is characterized by infectious grooves, euphoric builds,

soulful harmonies and smooth fades. Lyrics, inspired by the beauty and

wonder of everyday life, are the focal point of their songs, and each new

song captivates audiences in a fantastical musical landscape, created

through playful imagery and strong storytelling. Intricate lead melodies,

emphasized through the interplay of the saxophone and violin, meld

seamlessly with a driving rhythm section rooted in rock, funk and folk feels.

Denver's Marquee Magazine says: "at times this cleanly harmonized band

resembles the Avett Brothers - if the popular band had a horn section."

Rocktin Grove's growing fan base has come to expect the creative

genre changes and provocative sound of the their highly eclectic

instrumentation. Formed several years ago in Boulder, CO, the band has

worked tirelessly to bring audiences new material and high-energy,

thought-provoking performances.


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