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Shinyribs, Music Fest Artists, $6, 9:30pm

Bless my soul, what’s wrong with me? I should have explained this to you already. Shinyribs is the musical wanderings of Kevin Russell from The Gourds. Russell has always been a prolific songwriter and performer. Shinyribs is the necessary out growth of this. Russell did the math over the last 18 years and figured out pretty dang quick that he would never be able to include all of his songs or even most of his songs in the shows and recordings of The Gourds. Plus he is seeking to stretch out as a performer and band leader. A noticeable progression in quality has been evident in his recordings and shows with this group since he began it back in 2008. He began performing once a month at a venue called, Under The Volcano. And within two years he had formed the group of people and songs that would stay in place thru this very day. Shinyribs first recording, Well After Awhile, was released to much critical acclaim in 2010 on Nine Mile Records. His newest recording, Gulf Coast Museum, was just released this year. 2013 promises to be another great year for Shinyribs. 


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