What People are Saying…

Some of our most fun events have been held at Ghost Ranch. This classic Old West saloon is the perfect spot for enjoying good music, good food & drink, and good friends! When you hold an event at Ghost Ranch, your guests will stay longer and have more fun…and isn’t that the whole point?
Jennifer Schubert-Akin, Chairman & CEO The Steamboat Institute – ★★★★★

There are VIP rooms available for rent if you are so inclined, and the staff is gracious and accommodating.
Peter M. (via Yelp) -★★★★

Super cute place, good rooms with little private siderooms. The staff was really friendly.
Uriel A. (via Yelp) – ★★★★

Great place for private events
Casey Zabel (via facebook) -★★★★★

Unbelievable how good this place is.
Keith Williams (via facebook) -★★★★★

I can’t thank you enough for opening your venue for our event. I, truly, appreciate all of your efforts and generosity in making our event a success. Thank you!
Scott Tipton – ★★★★★